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segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

Uma Verdade.

"Well, there's something I want to say, and it's for your ears only.  You're the only one who's changed me.  You made me think about things that I never ever thought before. Have a husband? A family? Never, before I meet you."

She was walking while talking. Moving her hands in the air, like this shall give her self security. She was telling the truth, he had changed something in her side. 

She's scared, she doesn't know what is it, she just fell the love running in her veins. 

"So..." He concluded "You really love me? I mean, even with all my troubles, all my fear and insecurity? You just love me? You love who I am?"

"Yes" she said "With all of my soul, heart and mind. I simply love you 'cuz I do."

He smiled. She too. The both started a slowly walk, trying to belive that this is really happennig. 

But the destiny likes a joke.

When their hands finally had founded each other, a bomb explodes. Right between them.

They were separate once again. The both died.

What can you learn from this? Say that you love who you do, before it's too late.

Por: Rubria Gruby.

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