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domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011

Vale a Pena Levar em Conta.

What if the promise land is a lie? What if the light, the one which religions around the world believes in is a mere trap?

How about this: the light is, in fact, the easier way to go to the so waited peace... What if the piece of heaven we long for, is in fact a piece of hell?

Jesus, God's son, went through many troubles in his terrine life and when he could go back to his original place, the only place where everyone can live in true peace... 

White chapels and churches are nothing more than places created by man to get money from the little society that seeks belief in a God, a superior being. A manner of fooling those people in believing the money they donate will truly reach those in need. But, does that means only priests possess the power to command the glorious and sacred?

We do have to admit that every rule has an exception, but most of the time, that's how it is. Jesus used to spread the word of his father, his belief, in the open. Why then, must humans manipulate even this aspect of faith?

Why is it in people's belief that Churchs and priests are the only sacred places and persons one must look upon for religious guidance? Why don't we realize that, by praying and truly believing in His word, we will be equal and just as glorious as those supposedly named after him?

Por: Rubria Gruby.

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