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terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

A Letter From a Cute Girl, To the Man Who Broke Her Heart.

Olá, queridos!

Eu fiz esse texto e li. Espero que gostem dessa inovação.

Se gostarem, voltarei a fazê-lo.

I’m sorry if I don’t forgot you. It’s just my way to be.
And also, I’m sorry if told you that I love you like… A hundred billion times at day, at hour… It’s just… I can’t be like you, that tell me that once a month. What I feel, and when it’s for real, I can’t control and Gee! It was so cute to hear your reaction everytime single you hear it!!
I was happy when I made you happy. Now, I don’t know a freaking thing about nothing.
I just can apologize, even when I know that there’s no reason to do it.
And also, I wasn’t insane when I felt in love with you, I wasn’t feeling alone like you did. I was just me, trying to survive at this hospice that we call “World”, but then you came around, with whole your happiness, making everywhere shine with the light of your smile.
Then, I’ve started to think that maybe, this hospice have some hope. And I saw that God it’s inside us, we just need to look for it and let him come in. That’s what I’ve done when I let myself loving you.
But now, you’re gone, and I feel like my God have gone with you. All my happiness, all my shine, that also was yours, it’s simply gone.

Desculpem ter de ser pelo YT, pois não consegui enviar para cá.

Por: Rubria Gruby.

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