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segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011


There was a boy once, who wished to be the happiest man alive
And there was also this girl, who also longed for such
Both wished for love, commodity, happiness
They lived close to each other, but barely left home
Then there was this day, where she was in a rush
And he didn’t want to go to school
He waited at the local club, close to the pool
Even running, she saw him, his eyes, his hair
How he looked happy from afar, but closely, he was enveloped by all kinds of briar
Briars of a very unhappy life, with no joy.
In her thoughts, a voice echoed: That boy’s life must be a mess!
She gave up going to school and instead entered the club.
Walking towards him, it was as if she could feel his sadness.
A strong force pushed her forward, care ready to bestow
She had nothing, no puppets, no toy.
Yet she felt the obligation to make that boy smile
A way to take off that bile.
She said Hey,
He replied with a rude Go away,
I am sorry, she replied
No problem, he lied
Care if I stay? She asked
No, please do, his face grew red
A tale of love, a love that dares
Together, any unhappy end they could bare.

Por: Brunus Arkkaza

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  1. i like it! it proves that love is a strange thing and it can happen when you least expect it at the strangest places for the simplest reasons.


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