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quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011


Minha versão da poesia escrita por Rubria. Espero que gostem.

There's a voice screaming in my mind
Saying that you're such a liar
And asking me to follow the light.
I hear people's prayer
And think they're all wrong
I see a little child crying
But I must be strong.

I have to look beyond, where there's hope
Or should I call it... rope?
A way up, to somewhere without fears
The soldiers march our way, brandishing their spears
I run, and run

It's cold, but I see a tree
With spirits dancing around it, seems like they are three
They sing a happy tale of glory and joy
And I watch, from afar, wishing a guitar for me to strum
And forget my own despair, my own mischief
To forget my anger, my hate
And bask in the very hope I see in front of me
Damn, could it be my own belief?

It's a nightmare, it must be
It's World War Three
People running, cities falling
Stones fly as bombs explode
And I watch, as greed a fellow heart corrodes.

By: Brunus Arkkaza

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