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sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

Festival of Lust

I've barely caught a glimpse of your eyes
and it's like I am spellbound
Could it be that this empty gaze of yours is in truth despair?
An endless journey for your loved one's heart
filled with merciless obstacles from the start

This is the moment I've been waiting for
to arrive; to lend you my emotions
Living in wave motion
Finding an answer to problems past
Finding a way to repent for your sins, which are vast

Deception is only the beginning
Of a much bigger snowball
If you don't realize this in time, you are sure to fall
But if you do, then comes the expectations
Of a new life, a new hope

Learn with your ambitions, disgrace yourself in lust
If you will be happy, even if only for a moment, do as you must

Por: Brunus Arkkaza

Sim, eu sumi. =( Me ocupei muito mais do que eu dou conta, hoho. Espero poder continuar escrevendo por aqui com frequência. Aproveitem a leitura meus queridos.

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