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sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012


I simply can't believe that there's some people who can describe, exactly,
how they feel.

To feel is just... Something. Love is how we call when your heart starts beating
as fast as you would believe it does and you can't control your voice and body. Or you yell out loud, or fall down. Or they result on a mixed strange reaction.

Anger is how we call this feeling of when we just wanna kick some asses and punch some faces when everything in your life
seems to be just chaos.

You do recognize these, right? Of course you do. There's two examples of things
we call "feelings" which actually are simple reactions of our body to a stress of some kind.

And there are also two examples of stress which walk around holding hands inside all of us.

You may be thinking: "But, what about the heart?"


Your heart is full of blood. Keeps you alive and reacts to some situations,
causing the so called "feelings".

Your body works with the heart, brain, blood, water and some chemical stuff that it produces
to make you and I and the rest of the world INSANE.

That's my point: insanity. 

Insanity is when all of these "feelings" start to shout and appear on moments that they shouldn't.
All things in the world and each of one of their small details will be either beautiful or boring, stressful or relaxing.

And that's how you become an adult.

That's how you'll respectfully become part of a massive dummy society and a sussective person, as well.

Withtout regress, childhood, mind, passion, blame, guilty or marks.

What do you want to live for?

Do you want to live for your feelings? The ones which will make you be part of something that won't grow, something based solely on instinct,
which will give way for different roads?

Make your choice, I will be waiting upstairs.

Por: Rubria Gruby

Post Scriptum: Áudio colocado! Esse texto foi escrito com base em um filme que batizou esse pensamento. O filme conta com a atuação marcante de Christian Bale e a breve aparição de Sean Bean. Intenso e cheio de ação!

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