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quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Existance of Nothing.

Olá, meus caros!

Já tivemos uma poesia em inglês, agora que tal um conto?

When I was alive, they cut off my wings. Then, they set me free, decades later, and I didn’t had any idea about what’s right, wrong and so on… So I’ve decided to KILL… Then I die.
Dying, I’ve started to write someone else’s story. Now I’m dead yet, and still not knowing how to fly.
I don’t know if my decision about KILL other people was something right or something wrong.
I just know that if I’ll still here for so long, I’ll be crazy in a couple weeks.
I can breath, walk, my heart beats, but I still not alive. I’m dead, ‘cause this loneliness had killed me, and I’ve killed all my happiness, my hope, my faith and any kind of love that used to exist deep on my soul.
I’m only a shadow of a human.

Por: Rubria Gruby.

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