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quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011


It takes minutes, hours, days or even weeks to plan something to be proud of
Something in which you can feel joy
It's amazing how much effort is put into something
And then, mere seconds are all that's needed to turn it all into ruins
Anger, sadness, every bad emotion envelops the human body, such a fragile, unstable thing
The touch of frustration is close by
And you can do nothing but wonder why
A fear which you can't explain, a fear you can only watch in despair
And you can do nothing but think it's not fair

You then look for a way to vent what you feel
Whatever you do, it's like being ill
You can take as many meds, as many cares as you wish
But in the end it lasts it's time, it's wanted time.
And you can do nothing but wonder if it's the works of a witch,
Only someone so evil could deal such a fatal blow.
A blow so misleading, a blow so low
For you to feel disoriented for such a long time.

Yes, a long, long time.
You feel like things are completely out of control
And indeed they are
Just like the offspring of a mad hare
You can't get a grip, you are overtaken by anger, by grief
And you can do nothing to make it brief.

Give up, it's hopeless.
Such a mess...

Por: Brunus Arkkaza

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